How to perform a tracheostomy

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1- Inject 1% novocain and adrenaline along anterior border ofboth sternomastoid muscles and along the upper border of thyroid cartilage.

2- No anesthesia in urgent cases.

3- The patient should be supine with extended neck.

4- Midline longitudinal incision from upper border of cricoid cartilage to suprasternal notch including “skin – subcutaneous tissue – platysma and fascia”.

5- Separate between sternohyoid and sternothyroid in the midline.

6- Retract thyroid isthmus upward.

7- Dissect pretracheal fascia from anterior tracheal wall.

8- Open trachea and avoid blood aspiration or cough reflex.

9- Remove circular portion of 3, 4 tracheal rings.

10- Insert tube to be of same diameter of the opening.

11- Close the wound.

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