How to increase your sexual stamina?

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A lot of men are asking about how to increase their sexual stamina because failing to satisfy your partner is one of the worst situation you will find yourself in, to avoid this situation read these simple tips carefully.

1-Train yourself to avoid premature ejaculation and ask your doctor for medications if you couldn’t.

2-Change your sexual mentality, give your partner her orgasm by many ways not only penetration.

3-Using condoms may help you to build up your orgasm slowly and maintain the sexual intercourse for a longer time.

4-Proper circulation helps you a lot to maintain your penis erected.

5-You should try different sexual positions to choose the best of them which helps you to give your partner her orgasm.

6-Eat healthy food as that helps a lot in improving your sexual performance.

7-Sleep well with at least 7 continuous hours.

8-Avoid stressful situations.

9-  Exercise regularly.

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